Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hey Folks!!

     As my first post on my blog I wanted to give you all a preview of what to expect in my upcoming posts.  As a fitness expert, I want to inspire everyone who sees my material whether it be photos, videos or my writing to live a healthier and more fit life.  I have seen so many people transform not just their bodies but their overall outlook on life as well as themselves.  It is for this reason that I want you to see my blogs and take action in achieving things that you have always wanted to but could not quite get that spark to ignite. Thank you in advance for following me and Muscle Lab Performance...prepare to have your mind blown by the results to come!  If you wish to be a part of these results, shoot me an email at to get started...I can assure you that it is NOT as difficult as you thought, just let me show you!  I look forward to doing this...thank you in advance for your excitement and support; I will not let you down!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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