Friday, December 30, 2011

What Motivates You?

     What motivates you?  Have you ever thought about such a simple question that could be holding you back from not just your fitness goals but goals that you have sprinkled throughout your life?  If you find yourself looking at this question and thinking "No...I haven't!", then we may have found a very important piece missing from your motivational puzzle.  This is your spark, your ignition to get you going in the right direction to achieve anything you could ever a trainer it is the FIRST thing I look for when gauging long it will take me to get this person to their definition of success!  I tell everyone when I first hear from them or meet them that if they have a spark, I will ignite and BOOM! We can do anything...but we have to figure what is going to keep us running on that path to success.  
     With all of this being said, think for a second...what is going to keep you on track?  Is it going to be seeing your clothing sizes change every week?  Maybe seeing the scale go up or down so many pounds each week so that you know your body is changing.  Whatever your gauge may be, keep your eye on a trainer I do the same so that we are both attacking the same obstacle or component of your goal.  The importance of finding this component and seeing it change is every other part of your goal will revolve around it, and fluctuate up and down with that primary gauge we have chosen.  I have seen so many people look better than ever and because that scale ya they didn't lose that two lbs for the week they wanted to lose...the results do not show up in the mirror.  Your mind will see in the mirror what it sees on your primary gauge, so we just constantly attack and check it accordingly.
     If finding your spark is something you have been battling, especially coming up on The New Year then I hope I have been able to help at least get you thinking on what may get you going in the right direction.  If you still need help finding the exact spark you need feel free to ask me!  This is the most important part of your goal so once we find it the rest is just a matter of doing it!  If you have any questions as to what your spark may be or know exactly what your spark is and need me to ignite it...shoot me an email at and let's get you to your definition of success as quickly as possible.  Be safe everyone and have a Happy New Year!!

- Jay Johnson

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