Sunday, January 8, 2012

Attack 2012!!

     After my years of living I have learned that my times of most success have come when I was the most aggressive.  I was not timid at all whatsoever when approaching a goal to accomplish or an obstacle that needed to be overcome or better yet...removed from my path.  Consider this my pep talk to you for the year the person that is tired of being in the same spot in their lives, who feels like they are spinning their wheels to no avail.  My advice to you is to get up, get on track and get going...a train is damn hard to get moving out of the station but once it gets up speed it takes a ton to slow it back down.  When you step back and look at this brand new year I want you to look at it the way it WILL turn out...not the way you hope it turns out or the way it would look IF you accomplished everything you wanted to.  The time is NOW to get that promotion at work, to lose that 15 lbs of baby weight you still have from your 18 year old child or to break that bench press max record you've been wanting to nail forever.  There is no way any person can do any of these things for must get up and take action, knocking down roadblock after roadblock until you're standing at the finish line.

     When you think of your ideal year and the goals associated with it, think about the people who are on your side (your lovers) and the people who aren't (your haters)...take those two numbers and add them together since you will be thanking both groups in total later.  There is absolutely NOTHING to hang your head about if you are stronger, better and more successful than yesterday so why in the HELL would you let anybody see you hang your head!?  You must always be strong when you are weak, people only watch when you are weak because that is what they look them that even when your head feels the heaviest you are still strong enough to hold it up high and you WILL WIN...and they got to see it all.

     When you look at your ideal should see a picture of the end result and every mini goal that is reached along the way as a dot that you will connect to create that picture.  Don't let yourself at the end of the year say, "Man, that picture looks alright but where did THAT dot go right there??" because you will be upset to find dents and dings in your new picture you have drawn with all of your hard work.  Attack each mini goal in between as if it is the ONE thing that is keeping you from the big picture, because it is!  Any dents or dings you leave in your big picture are up to you...but if you take every step along the way as if your entire goal depends on it then you will create more quality work along the way.

     The message here is simple...whatever you do, do it with intensity and you can not do wrong, and you WILL see success in what you are doing.  Now is the time for you to create momentum that you will be able to keep throughout the year and the rest of your life as well.  Take this time to not only allow yourself, but to bring your family members, coworkers or significant others along with you as you begin the rest of your life...and never look back.  Get your own personal train out of the station and keep it going...connect the dots necessary to create the picture you want your life to be and look at it with pride.  In your times of doubt look to this picture for encouragement and for fuel...let it be your guide throughout and do NOT let yourself fail!!  Do it for good this year it for yourself and once you do keep it and let nothing get in between you and the successful life that you want!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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