Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Top or On Bottom?

When you look at the big picture and end vision of what accomplishing a big goal of yours looks like that takes a lot of motivation to do, right? Maybe not so much motivation to see the picture but to get there absolutely it does! One huge thing I feel like can help you build some enthusiasm about that journey is your starting mentality, or the momentum you build for yourself emotionally in preparation to nail this thing to the wall.

When you look out and see your goal at its end and see where you stand today do you see yourself at the top of your game with all of these mini obstacles trying to pull you down or do you see yourself at rock bottom (as a lot of us would) with all of these "things to do" weighing down on top of you? I ask this question because if you notice in both scenarios there is an object at rest (you) that is about to attempt to move in what would hopefully be the right direction...with only the starting point slightly adjusted. The point is if you feel as though the world is on top of you before you even begin pursuing success then it is going to be a nightmare to get things moving. On the other hand if you feel as though you are already on top then you also have a sense of control on the situation and you are more likely to man handle your obstacles and get things moving!

Short and sweet, this was just a thought I had sense I am huge on building that mental strength before anything else and where you start mentally can make or break your journey entirely. As your mother would say (maybe not yours but mine would), you are special in your own way and you have more going for you than you realize so consider yourself on top from the beginning. It takes a lot of courage and drive to even have a big image of success in your head so once you find that picture jump on TOP of it and get it going!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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