Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blasting the Belly Fat!

When you think of getting rid of pesky belly fat what do you think of? Many of us think about diet and probably a series of ab exercises...there are even certified trainers that may say "Neither of these matter! It's all about the cardio!". The fact is there is some truth to all of these things, which means that they can all play a roll in blasting YOUR rolls and exposing those abs like you want to.

First of all...I have some great news for all of you: you DO have abs! Yes even you over there in the corner making a donut with your hands out of your belly button. They are there and they are working for you as we speak...we just need to work them harder as well as dust them off. When you approach this goal, which I am assuming that for most of you is to burn the BAD and get the GOOD before it warms up; you should make sure that you are equipped for this task and have the correct tools. When I say "tools" I don't mean an ab roller, food scale, diuretics, corset etc. what I mean is that you execute enough on each component of your goal so that you are happy with how you look AND you are still eating and doing what you want!

Your tools in their simplest form would be as follows: cardio, diet, weight training and most importantly motivation. I know that this sounds like a lot but there are ways to simplify this monster into something that you can do...yes you can, don't argue.

Cardio is recommended 2 - 3 times a week and should consist of intervals of high and low lasting for thirty minutes...OR you could have your cardio last in as little as 4 minutes and burn more calories after the fact than you would doing the thirty minute variety. This sounds crazy because it is, but it is well worth the extra effort to make it happen. By yourself I would recommend the thirty minute variety as the four minute version is intense and performed in a specific manner.

Diet is recommended by most as a "Lifestyle Change" so you don't feel like you're torturing yourself...but you most likely are. This "Change" is usually an everyday habit with maybe one cheat day per week. Once again I do not like this approach and would not recommend it to anyone trying to torch belly blubber in time for swimsuit season...and by the way: side is not believed by me to be 80% of your goal as you may have heard before now...I give it 50% at the most since I feel as though I can help you with more than 20% of your goal consistently. Anywho, dieting can be mentally exhausting and it can be hard to stay motivated to do this all day every day. There is a reason that systems like Weight Watchers have become so popular: here is YOUR hit it and you will lose weight...that's it! What this does is it takes something complicated like an entire diet and it simplifies it into smaller numbers that are easy to track, making it much easier to stay on top of. As a result I set my diet plans up with this idea in mind so that you do not worry so much about what you are eating but just how much...and you are happy in knowing that thanks to everything else, you tend to burn up more anyway :-).

Third is your weight training. First of all lifting weights does not make you bulky...lifting obscene amounts of weight with bad form is what makes you bulky...just kidding, do not try this at home. When it comes to toning up all over but even in the abs, weights can be your best friends if done correctly and in the correct rep ranges etc. you need to build that muscle as it will boost your already boosted metabolism and get your belly blasted even faster! Please do not be scared of the weights, they WILL accelerate things for you when done properly!

Lastly is motivation. Get motivated and stay there!! If you read this and feel a spark to get it it then! Once that spark lights do not let it go out...keep it lit and your blubber will burn as a result of it! Holding on to motivation is seeing results, success stories, videos or whatever else to keep you going. I promise you once again that EVERYONE has abs...some just need to dust them off, fuel them better, make them pop and keep them popping. It is so much easier than you think or realize, you just have to get started and run to it. As long as you know what you are running to you will get there with proper direction and know how. Get your direction by reading, watching videos, asking others or asking a trainer! It can be done...and it can start today!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

JBT Labs - Hardcore Supplements!

A lot of you that keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. may already know this, but I recently signed a sponsorship deal with an awesome supplement company in JBT Labs! What this means is that I will be promoting their products (which so far my experiences have been great with them) by means of social networking, by video and as a contributing writer for them! On the more athletic side of things my videos and all will be featured on their pages along with my blogs, and I will eventually be featured in their ads as well. To check out their line of supplements, go to or visit their Facebook fan page at I hope everyone likes this line as much as I do...I am looking forward to hearing your feedback! Contact me for more information if you have any questions! Once again I am looking forward to this great opportunity with a great company. Be on the lookout for more information and more motivation. Let's keep growing and growing...stronger than last week!!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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