Saturday, February 11, 2012

JBT Labs - Hardcore Supplements!

A lot of you that keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. may already know this, but I recently signed a sponsorship deal with an awesome supplement company in JBT Labs! What this means is that I will be promoting their products (which so far my experiences have been great with them) by means of social networking, by video and as a contributing writer for them! On the more athletic side of things my videos and all will be featured on their pages along with my blogs, and I will eventually be featured in their ads as well. To check out their line of supplements, go to or visit their Facebook fan page at I hope everyone likes this line as much as I do...I am looking forward to hearing your feedback! Contact me for more information if you have any questions! Once again I am looking forward to this great opportunity with a great company. Be on the lookout for more information and more motivation. Let's keep growing and growing...stronger than last week!!

- Jay Johnson CSCS

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